The Man by the River By Tyler Svec (Part One)

The sound of the river relaxed her as she looked around at the trees and listened to the birds, trying to place what it was that felt so different about today. A whisper in her heart hinted that today would be the beginning of a great adventure. She chided herself for thinking something like that, after all adventures only happened to people that were in fairy tales and even those could hardly be believed.

Her name was Lily and she was an elf. She was tall and slender with long black hair and eyes that sparkled like diamonds. Her face and her skin was flawless, not showing any sign of having aged, which was normal for people like her. Her ears were slightly pointed and her walk was elegant and displayed all the features that the elves were known for.

She was going home for the first time since she had left so many years ago. Elves weren’t highly respected when she had been growing up and sadly nothing had changed. As much as being treated differently had caused her pain her entire life, she couldn’t deny that through it she had found a determination and a strength that wouldn’t have existed without going through those hard times. She hated that she had suffered in the past, but looking back she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Lily smiled and welcomed the mist, which floated from the nearby waterfall. No matter where she lived or how long she was away, this would always be her home.

A dwarf walked next to her, standing no more than four feet tall, with an unruly brown beard that covered most of his face and big bushy eyebrows that would have looked like a forest on most people, still for whatever reason it seemed to suit him perfectly. His hair was just as much the same as his beard but was rarely seen, as he often would wear a helmet.

People had never understood their friendship and even she didn’t completely understand it. Unlikely or not, she had yet to meet another person who had accepted her the way he had. Ellizar looked around them, jumping slightly at the sound of an animal scurrying through the forest. Lily couldn’t help but laugh at the sight, as he stood at the ready, with his axe in hand. Her own private solider.


Check back on Wednesday for Part Two.


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