My Role Model: Mother by Gabrielle Elie

My Role Model: Mother

By, Gabrielle Elie

Her history unknown.
Her struggles laid buried
Deep within her soul.
Nine months she carried me
Protected me and cared for me
In the cradle of her womb.
Seventeen years she
After my hasty release
She is still there
Right beside me.

She nurtured and socialized me
 Shielded me as best as she could
From the evils of the world.
Every ill done
She forgave and tried her best
To show me the right way.

And how may you ask did I repay
This beautiful creature
Born I May?
Contempt and scorn I showed
For her corrections.
Her inspirations and motivations
I sneered and spat at.

Ungrateful and selfish brat
 Yes thats what I was.
My disrespect to your authority was great
Youthful ignorance is the one to blame.
But still
 You continued to be a good mother
Without complaint.

Till one day I was set down
And your hardships of the past
Were all laid down.

Now my fog has been lifted
You have now become my light.
My mentor, My role model
The centre of my life.
And I hope one day Mother
My dear sweet mother
That I
Your once ungrateful daughter
May someday fill your great big shoes
And be rewarded with a big, pure heart of
Just as you.


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