Struggle to Success by Gabrielle Elie

Struggle to Success

By, Gabrielle Elie

 Now I feel like I know what path I am on...

I struggle up the steep hill.

A ton of burdens straddled on my back

Discrimination, racism and poverty.

Shackled at my feet.

The sharp pointy rocks of oppression

Minced the very soles

Of my dirty crooked feet.

But still I persevered

Tired, worn and ready to give up.

I rest my burdens up against a rock.

And took a quick look of the progress done.

 And wondered, should I really give up?

But then I turned and looked up

And spied a glow from the promise land above.

 I sweat and toiled and struggled.

My once smooth skin

Now fine and brittle.

My burdens grew heavier with every step,

And down on all fours

I eventually went.

My strength once again renewed.

My head held strong.

I grabbed my burdens

And dashed to the top.

The spears of jeers and laughter below

Pieced deep onto my very soul

But still I tittered and tottered up

That steep, slippery slope.

 My burdens now weightless,

My Feet all cured,

My body and skin were bones no more.

Many I passed along the way

And begged and pleaded for their aid

They all laughed and said

Give it up,

You won’t make it anyway.

The laughter and jeers

Soon turned into cheers

As I reached the pinnacle

Claiming my success

And yes it was all I imagined

And so much more



The morale of this poem is that the road of success is very hard especially for those who are less fortunate.

You will be laughed at and discouraged by your peers, those of higher power and even yourself sometimes.

There will come a point when you reach your limit and feel like giving up but if you are determined enough you will succeed.


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