Welcome to My Life By Katie Glover (Final Part)


I cannot thank you enough
For showing me tough love
Trying everything to save my life
Making me promise to never give up the fight

I cannot thank you enough times
To repay all the times you’ve changed my life
Doing whatever it would take
To try to make everything okay

I’ll never be able to pay you back for it all
Never be able to fix all my fatal flaws
It’s hard to say how much I love you
Hard to describe what’s way beyond true

Words cannot describe how much it means
That you care that much for me
I can never stop being in your debt
I’ll always have a little bit left

Every little broken piece of my heart
Every time I fell apart
You would always reach out your hand
And pull me out of sinking sand

I’ll live forever trying to prove to you
How much you’ve helped me see this through
Every shattered piece of me
Is so glad you’ve helped me break free


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