Three Mistakes That You Shouldn’t Be Sorry For in Your 20’s

Three Mistakes That You Shouldn’t Be Sorry For in Your 20’s.
By Dillon Asencio

Don’t be sorry for leaving old friends behind and getting new ones

Our 20’s are a time for exploration and learning. We are constantly doing things: schoolwork, going to concerts, going out to parties, and meeting new people. Along the way, we meet people who share similar interests with us and we attach ourselves to them rather than our old friends. Guess what? That’s perfectly fine. Yeah, you may be called selfish by your old friends. They may even stop talking to you but sometimes you need to surround yourself with other people. Meeting new people and getting to know them is extremely healthy and exciting. Don’t be sorry for hanging out with different people.


Never be sorry for not wanting to settle down

 It’s natural for you to want more. You should never be sorry for bouncing from town to town or job to job. You are young and there is so much out there for you to see and do. Having a desire to see the world and experience new things, or simply to experience different careers is okay. Have fun and let your desire for more motivate you to put in the work to get to where you want to be.

Never be sorry for thinking about yourself first

 There are some times where being selfish can actually be a good thing. Your 20’s are extremely important! You should be concerned about what is currently going on in your life and what you want to make of it. It’s okay to put yourself first and focus on your own goals. It’s your life and you need to work to make it how you want it. If making other people happy is making you upset and pulling you down in life, you need to change that. Make sure you’re happy and confident with what’s going on in your life before anything!


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