Welcome to My Life By Katie Glover (Part One)

I’ve always been a bit different. Even when I was little. I went to a Christian school as a child I had a little brother who practically worshipped the ground I walked on. My parents have never gotten divorced. They still love each other after almost 24 years of marriage. I was a depressed child, but in hindsight, I don’t have much to complain about up to my 10th birthday.

I had an awesome 10th birthday party. IT was a mystery party. I had a lot of friends come, and we all had so much fun. However, things changed. Within a week, my parents announced my dad’s work had transferred him—to a plant almost 150 miles away from home. I was devastated to have to move. I mean, yeah, I complained a lot about my classmates, but I didn’t want to leave. Funny how that works. Never know what you’ve got till it’s gone.

Fast forward 6 months, to the very first day of school. 5th grade, new school, new classmates, new house, new city, new state. I told a kid off within hours of school starting. Then as I was getting on the bus, I banged my head on the front of the bus driver’s fan and got my hair caught in it. My new teacher had to cut my hair to free me.

After a disastrous first day, things just kept going downhill. The whole class turned on me. Down there, if you hadn’t been born and raised there, you had 2 options: conform to their ways, or become ridiculed. Guess which I picked. But I got a few snipes in on the other kids. I wasn’t as bad as they were, but every so often I’d have a clever comeback. One of mine actually stunned a whole class speechless.

5th grade was a picnic compared to 6th grade. In September, about a month after school started, I got into a fight with a friend over something I can’t remember and haven’t remembered in years. She and I butted heads A LOT after that. I believe we still were up to my last day of middle school. I went suicidal by mid-way through the year. Then things changed again. Shortly after wanting to kill myself, my mom made an announcement: She was pregnant. She found out a day after my 12th birthday. My brother was 8. They kept it a secret for a MONTH, simply because they wanted our family to be the first ones to know, and we weren’t going to see them for a while. So they told us right before Easter. We were ecstatic of course. I was even more so when we found out a couple months later that the sister I’d been praying for since my brother was born was on the way. My brother was mad, but they are pretty close now.


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