Three Ways My Life Has Changed by Crystal Holdipp

3 Ways My Life Has Changed

By, Crystal Holdipp

I’m at a place of transition in my life. Changes of different kinds have taken place.

There are changes that are pleasant and others that have been difficult. Change brings growth!

Growing Spiritually:

The most important thing in my life is my relationship with God and spiritual matters. I’m not the one to brag about where I’m at right now spiritually, but I can surely give God the praise, glory and credit for where he has brought me from. As a child I always had a love for God and the things of God. A church baby indeed I was. Church was where I was brought up and I grew up as a preacher’s kid. I accepted Christ in my heart and life as my Savior in my childhood. There were times in my life when I struggled spiritually. No, I didn’t have it all together. I had issues and struggles just like everyone else. Often times fear and other areas of weakness was constantly screaming in my face. Through all the challenges, struggles and adversity I’ve experienced, my relationship with God is closer and my desire for more and more of Him continues to grow. From spending more time with God and allowing God to work in me and through me, God continues to bring great growth with a lifestyle of worship.


 Develop a Strong Prayer Life: The way we grow spiritually is by talking to God. A relationship grows through quality time and communication. The words, length and style you pray have nothing to do with growth. Growth develops when we are willing to believe, surrender and obey. That’s when God’s power and anointing can be seen in our lives. I encourage you to spend daily time in prayer, praying for both yourself and others. Spend time talking with God. It’s important that we cast all our cares on Him.

Read and Meditate on Scriptures: Doses of the Word is like medicine to the soul. When we read, study, meditate and apply God’s word in our lives, we can experience real revelation and change.
black girl praying

Discovering the Gift to Write:

Never saw myself as becoming a writer as a child. I always enjoyed reading, but never ever thought about writing songs, poems, articles, devotionals and more. I didn’t see that one day God would birth books out of me. All of the pain would one day be preparation for God’s purpose for me. Little did I know that it all started with me writing letters to God where I expressed how I felt and other things in my life. I didn’t think much of them then, but seeing now how God would use a time when I was very depressed to get my writing practice started. Eventually I started writing poems, songs, articles and books. God is AMAZING! This changed my life tremendously! There were accomplishments and success that came through my discovering my purpose to write. All for the glory of God! Along the way discouragement would come, but I knew that I must hold on! What gift or talent can you use to glorify God?


 Try new things: Have you always wanted to do something, but never got to doing them? Is there something in the back or front of your mind that you’re just too afraid to do? Try them! You never know what may come out of it. If it’s positive and pleasing to the Lord, why not give it a try?

Explore your hobbies: Sometimes our gifts and talents can be discovered in our leisure activities. We may see what we are doing as nothing and think it’s just for fun or therapy. Perhaps there’s something we need to explore within it. What if that very hobby you’re enjoying is one of the ways God wants to work through you?

 Breaking out the Shell:

I grew up extremely shy in public and social settings. Some of the things that I’ve done contradict what a “shy” girl would do. Shyness was a mask I wore that covered my feelings and who I really was. It doesn’t mean that I’m never ever afraid. Fear still shows up. There’s a boldness that is developing in me that only God can receive the credit for.


Face Your Fears: What are you afraid to do? When we take small steps toward what God is calling us to do and requiring of us, the shell will break piece by piece.


2 thoughts on “Three Ways My Life Has Changed by Crystal Holdipp”

  1. What a journey and the best is yet to come. Get ready to experience God more. Go has surely ordered your steps. Truly proud of you and anxiously waiting to hear more about what God has done for you. Trust God with all your heart.
    I do agree with you about praying. It’s so important to create a relationship with the Lord. Even when I am driving I pray for the car in front of me as well as others around me.

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