The Way to Prosperity by Jacob Timothy Lange

Jacob is back with another great piece on prosperity. This piece was in response to our writing prompt for the month, “Write a poem/essay/song about what you think “prosperity” means to our generation.” Share your point of view below!

The Way to Prosperity

By, Jacob Timothy Lange

Looking across the street, I admit, sometimes I’m jealous of you.

Fancy car, nice house. I’ve never been inside – you never asked me in.

But I never asked you in to my house, either.

You have a party every Saturday

Keeps me up all night.

And while I like your taste in music,

It’s a little bit too loud.

Actually, it’s a lot too loud.

I’d like to keep my hearing, please,

And 3 a.m. isn’t my favorite time to fall asleep

Other nights, I stay awake that late in silence,

Wondering why.

Why is it like this?

Why are you so popular, and why am I not?

I wait for a change, but nothing happens.

And while I wait, I go on facebook –

Just a few minutes, mind you.

Just to check for messages.

An hour or two later I glance at the time. Oops! Not again…

Well, better facebook then doing what you do:

Blasting your eardrums every week and getting drunk with your ‘friends’.

That bothers me so much.

I never ever want to find myself drunk, losing control. Control is important.

All I need is to know where I am in life –

knowing my future and having a good job, nice family, and maybe a nice car.

A used BWM would suit me just fine.

That would be perfect!

I mean, what more could one want from life?

Well, of course you can always upgrade –

Like adding a jacuzzi to the pool,

Or a new car…. stuff like that.

To be honest, I’m a bit outdated,

and my Gucci sunglasses have scratches…

Oh, just one more thing: I’d like to be famous some day, actually!

You know why? Because all famous people are rich and, above all, happy, right?

Isn’t that the point of life; to prosper?

To me, prosperity isn’t a hermit life. Prosperity is also spending time with family and friends.

But what is true prosperity anyway?

The dictionary says it’s ‘a state of success’, but what kind of success?

Money? Is life just an Abba song?

Obviously success in life is not just money, it’s also comfort and being with people who you love.

It’s all about being with people; and it’s all about who you know.

The way to success and prosperity is through loving people.

What about God?


Jacob Timothy Lange is a creative writer and editor of a youth magazine, The Onymous.

Check out his blog and project portfolio here at


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