Tell Your Story By Tyler Svec (Part One)

So if you could write a book; any kind of book what would it be about? If you don’t know that part of it, what genre would it be?


There’s a story that only you can tell, so why not try to tell it?


Sometimes I think that people over complicate writing a book. I once knew a person who was going to college for the sole purpose that they wanted to write a book. There’s nothing wrong with that but neither do I think it’s necessary.


Writing is simply our imagination having fun, combine this with a purpose behind writing the story and you have the winning combination for writing a book. When you have both of those things, it’s not work, or at least it doesn’t seem like work.


If you want to be a published author someday there is one thing that every book publisher is looking for. Originality. Something that makes your story unique and different from all the others and it might not even be planned when you start writing it. There’s almost 800 books a day published in the united states, so it standing out is crucial.


When I first started writing the Redemption Trilogy, it was supposed to be a mid-evil fantasy…that was until day three when I realized I knew nothing about writing a mid-evil fantasy. So somehow it morphed and changed into this strange mix of sci-fi and mid-evil fantasy. Don’t know how it happened but it did.


When you’re working on your story don’t worry about having it grammatically correct at first, just focus on the story. I’ve had several people who have read my drafts of the story and say they can always tell when I’m excited about a sequence or a scene, because my grammar and spelling go completely out the window. My response…


That’s what editing’s for! haha.


Check back on Friday for Part Two/Final Part of this article.


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