Creative Instincts: Not an Accident By Jacob Timothy Lange (Part Three)

Art inspired by God

God loves it when we create things that glorify him. He made us so that we can love and glorify him. Expressing our love for him using our creativity is partly what we were made for. Nothing we can do can ever change who God is or his abounding love for us, but we can still affect him emotionally. Our ability to experience emotions are a small reflection of God’s ability to experience emotions. Again, it’s no accident. He’s not some fake god made of wood sitting somewhere; he’s alive and real, and has tremendous emotions. God can feel sad, angry, and happy. And he loves us despite anything that we do against him.

We can bless God by loving him and serving him. Prophetic art is way of expressing our love for him. The Bible says that someone who prophesies speaks to people for their strengthening, encouragement and comfort. (Corinthians 14:3.)

Prophetic art is a creative expression inspired by God in someone for strengthening, encouragement, and comfort. This could be for lots of people or for one person, or even for the artist themselves. Again, prophetic art does not only mean paintings, it could be any of the arts. Wherever we are, whether we’re alone or not, he absolutely loves it when we go all out for him. That’s what he made us for. It’s called passion.

And he wants us to express our passion for him creatively.


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