What Does Prosperity Really Mean? By Neslihan Akdemir

What Does Prosperity Really Mean?

By Neslihan Akdemir

In the dictionary, prosperity defines itself as wealth. I don’t agree with it. As always, I believed words have so many layers. Prosperity has a similar meaning. In the dictionary, it says it means wealth. In my opinion, I think prosperity is about inner happiness. Wealth comes with lots of things. Normally, to be wealthy you have to be successful. Of course, when you are successful you will be wealthy. If you have money to spend freely, it will open the doors of prosperity. You could spend your money freely, like buy a new car, buy tons of new clothes, eat out every night and even after that you still have money to pay your bills. You don’t have to worry about much because you have so many material things to show off to your friends.These are the things that money can bring you. To our generation, that’s what prosperity means – but I disagree.

Money comes with a lot of benefits…..but does it help your soul? At the end of the day, are you really happy? I don’t think prosperity comes with wealth. Again, prosperity comes with inner happiness. Look at our generation – you have high school kids asking their parents for expensive items like IPods and cars. It seems like there is no limit to their wants. Prosperity is deeper than that, it’s about having a fulfilling life. Part of this lifestyle is having a wonderful support system. Having friends who will stand by your side when life presents its challenges, who will talk you through bad situations, and thrive on your happiness is vital. No matter what happens in life, remember that you are more than yourself. That’s where prosperity begins.

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