Peace On This Journey By Crystal Holdipp

Howdy guys! She’s back at it! Crystal has sent us another wonderful article that we’d love to share with you. After you’re done reading, tell us what peace means to you…
Peace On This Journey
By Crystal Holdipp
Below is an inspirational writing called ‘Peace On This Journey’. This writing is dedicated to each of you in Asia who are living in lack and poverty. The inspirational writing speaks of the suffering and pain many people in Asia experience every day. Some get the help they need and others unfortunately don’t receive the care they need.
Peace, what is peace?
I’ve lived my life in the slums and never saw a decent meal.
They told us we would never live our dreams. Is this for real?
We went from day to day with no education, but in the face of our troubles
We wondered if we would ever heal. It was like in order to survive we had to learn how to steal.
One day hope began to shine, so ever brightly in our eyes.
The staff from a ministry called Bridge of Hope helped us and found us a place to learn and recover
From all of the pain we couldn’t help but show.
The important message that we learned the most was about Jesus Christ and we accepted Him and knew we would be alright.
We experienced His peace and we shared the massage of the Prince of Peace to all our family and friends.
My brother and I told many of how when we accepted Christ in our hearts we experienced newness on the inside and we knew without a doubt this was real.
We didn’t have to wonder whether tomorrow we would receive a meal because we knew we were blessed and are being taking care of with a strong zeal.
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