An Afghan Girl By Aysha Mirbacha

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An Afghan Girl

By, Aysha Mirbacha

When I was 17 years old, I had shafted to a new school in class 8. A day came when my life changed, the day I found myself.

September 13th, 2011 a fight broke out against the Taliban near my school and home. It lasted three hours which left me stuck in my school for five hours. That day was a nightmare. Although it has passed and won’t happen again, I still remember each and every second of that day in school. That day the entire capital Kabul was restricted and was under attack in three points. One of those points was just a block and street away from my school, and there I was, with my classmates and more than 2,000 girls and teachers – stuck And in that school there was I my class mates and other more than 2000 girls and teachers, stuck school. We were all in the school hall, sitting side to side, making a huge girls circle, praying for our lives.
Some were crying, and others were shouting, but we all tried our best to show our brave side. We tried to hide our tears but we just couldn’t. The moment the door opened, we ran to our homes – I don’t even remember how I got home. When I arrived, I said to myself that I was alive and then I entered. Everyone was waiting for me and my mom hugged me tight and gave me food. As the weeks passed, the schools remained open and I went back. Everyone was fine and ready to study but I felt like something was wrong.
indiangirlEveryone was tired of the war. They had given up on life and just wanted to die. Many were crying, some were sad, but no one talked to me. I did some research on the internet and asked many doctors my questions. I finally found my answer and realized that I was stressed and depressed. After so much war, it’s understandable how any one could get these problems but the good news was that there was a simple way of being healed.
Together with the help of my two classmates, Sonam and Shayesta, and my school director, I was able to produce a conference about how to face stress and depression. The conference lasted 15 days. We talked to students and teachers and helped them through our yoga classes. After three days of my program, I saw the laughter and smiles again in my school. The girls have said that they have found themselves again and they know how to face the world. Sonam, Shayesta, and I have been able to help more than 2,000 girls in my school. After a month, when we were fully done with our programs and the conference, my school rewarded us with certificates. Today I am a young writer, a daughter, a sister, and the owner of The Afghan Teen Stress Project. This is not the end. I will continue my journey as far as it goes to help my nation and to help my land.
Note from the Author:

Hi! I am Aysha Mirbacha. I am 18 years old & a 12th grade student from Kabul-Afghanistan. My dream is to become a very famous writer for my country. Follow me @

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