Women in Today’s Media By DJ Charm

Hello Voice4Society Family! Check out the latest submission from one of our newest writers, DJ Charm! When you’re done reading, tell us what you think – Are women portrayed negatively in the media? If so, what could we change about it?

Women in Today’s Media
By, DJ Charm

In today’s media, women are viewed as sexual objects. In my opinion, the media portrays women negatively in regards to their beauty and body image. For example, they have to be models fitting a size range of 0 to 6, or they have to be a certain weight and be able to walk the cat walk. In magazines, they are constantly telling women to eat specific ways and keep food diaries in order to have a healthy and balanced diet – just look at Beyoncé Knowles. The media sells an image of what they deem to be the “perfect woman”. Usually, it requires her to be young, thin, tall, and have perfect skin and teeth.

What about the plus size women? They are human too – we should have something for them. What about the women who are treated badly because of this portrayal? Those that endure abusive relationships because they can’t match up to these “perfect beings”? This needs to be put to an end because there are many that are scared to come forward and talk to someone about it.


What's Your Opinion?

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