“Standing Up For Myself” by MoXoX247

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Isilhoutte‘ve always complained about being on my own. I never really had anyone there to stick up for me when I needed help. My first year of high school was the worst year of my life (literally). I had my 11-year old cousin stick up for me but in my second year, she went off to college and I had no one but myself. At first I was afraid, but after a while I kind of liked it.
Having no one there to back me up taught me a lesson.
A lesson I absolutely picked up on.
I learned that I need to deal with tricky situations myself because the REAL world is tough once you leave high school. You’re officially an adult who has to watch out for your own actions. Not many people admit that they are proud of themselves but I definitely am. I’m not selfish or anything, I’m just happy I’m still standing despite all that I’ve been through.
The most important thing I’ve learned is:
Times have been hard but I’m just a teenager and there’s a lot more coming towards me.
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