Anorexia Isn’t Just For Teens by Katie Glover

Hi Voice4Society Family! Check out this moving poem from one of our newest writers, Katie Glover. When you’re finished reading, please tell us if you’ve ever been in a similar situation. We would love to know how you would act in the following situation. Would you help her or leave her to her problems? Would you speak up or shy away? Share your thoughts…
She walks through the cafeteria, past people unaware
The seat of her pants is sagging and nobody seems to care
She’s only eleven, why does she feel this way
She doesn’t wanna listen to what they have to say.
One day her friends notice how skinny she’s become
It saddens them, wondering if she’s become numbed
They report her to the counselor out of pure concern
Next thing they know, she’s made a complete turn
Later on she approaches them, looking great
She thanks them for saving her before it was too late
She may not remember the day she lost so much weight
But I haven’t forgotten it to this day

If you want to read more of her wonderful articles, check out her page:



2 thoughts on “Anorexia Isn’t Just For Teens by Katie Glover”

  1. This so compassionate to help a friend in need especially when they are stressed or feeling awful.
    Good to get them help. We all need someone. Or to day I am here for you.

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