Voice4Society Supporter! – Wilburne Mathurin

We love working with new groups and new people! 

We received this testimonial from Wilburne over the summer and are ecstatic in sharing it with you!

“After meeting the Voice of Society group via my Facebook fan page, the person from the group that I spoke to in particular was Tiffany. She was the one who encouraged me to start working with “DJ Courage”, Lance. I, being a young man  interested in using my gifts for the glory of God, love to meet other young persons who share that passion.

Some time after, I added Lance as a friend on Facebook and started talking to him. In no time, we met and started putting songs together. Well, Lance already had his songs written up, and he was very happy to have me to sing whilst he did his rap. Our first song, “Anything You Want” was a track full of energy. I was surprised at Lance’s composition skills.

When he sent me the song through Facebook the first time, I couldn’t stop playing it for some time cause I was hocked by the song. A while afterwards, we finally met by one of my producer’s, Michael “Shortman B” John in Paix Bouche, Babonneau. It was nice to finally meet Lance in person. Afterwards, the tracks just kept coming and coming. Lance kept on writing and he always came looking for me to lay the vocals down for him on his tracks. We later recorded our next song with another friend, Wesley “J West” Austin “My Identity”.

We recorded this one by producer Cyprian “Hyer Dan” Charles in Ciceron. Hyer Dan was also responsible for mastering the track “Anything You Want”. Lance and myself also recorded our last song “He Will Always” at the same studio. Since then, we’ve performed some of the songs at two functions. I’m really happy that I met Lance.”

We’re so happy to have helped with those connections Wilburne!


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