Voice4Society Winter Sponsor: Tina Webb

Tina graciously donated a copy of her book, “Before the Beginning.”


In eternity, the eons are endless and creativity continuous. The species of Homo sapiens created in Eden was unique….but not totally original. Heavenly beings resembling modern man had been created long before Adam, and some of them once lived on Earth. 
Existence on earth is utopia until Helel Ben Shachar, beautiful and loved, becomes a rebel and a liability to Earth’s mission. A contagion strikes those who agree to worship Helel. Fear and violence destroy angelic beings who had only ever known peace and love. Helel names High Governess Atara the Queen of Heaven. Abba, the Creator, grieves. His eternal heart aches, then becomes angry. Anything that opposes His essence is named His enemy. Justice is created and a Holy censuring begins. High Governors Michael and Adi grieve the demise of their banished friends and their cherished Earth. 


Tina Webb (aka T. Webb) writes speculative Christian fiction that portrays the dynamics  of the physical and the spiritual world. In December of 2013 she published her first nonfiction book, an inspirational devotional called: Selah, Daily Quotes for Daily Meditation. Her husband Doug, an ordained minister and business owner, is the author of the nonfiction series: The God On Trial Series. They have six children.


Find more information about Tina by visiting these Social Media sites:
Twitter: WebbBegin
Thank you again, Tina, for donating a hard copy of your book.

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