“Peace is Near” By Katie Glover

by Katie Glover

I know times are trying, and people are left out to die

I know you think all hope is lost, and don’t really want to try
You need to learn to believe in yourself, spread your wings and fly
You can stand up and speak out against society’s lies
People are starving to death and no one will take the blame
People should be different, but instead they’re all the same
As you can see, we’re in need of a little change
Well darling, I really think that it can be arranged
I know you’re not at peace with the world, my dear
But living isn’t about spending your life in fear
So stay strong and wipe away all your bitter tears
And see life as it should be, knowing peace is near
When you think you’re too overwhelmed to try
When you feel like giving hope a kiss goodbye
When all you can see are storm clouds in the sky
When you think that you just wanna cry
No matter what, you need to see
All that you’re destined to be
Once you realize there really can be peace
You break your chains and are finally free

2 thoughts on ““Peace is Near” By Katie Glover”

  1. As I read this is so much truth yet, willingness to not give in or give up from the hopeness.
    But the bondage is broken and one’s spirit and life and heart is free to search to gain hope again. what wonderful thing call hope. We all need it and we have reason for being as is hope to all or just few.

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