Mallory Finds a Family By Kendra LaLonde (Final Part)

“How—What are you saying?” Mallory stared at Mrs. Truman in shocked silence, her eyes wide and staring as if the woman had just now appeared in front of her. Mrs. Truman smiled while explaining herself.

“I had picked up the other extension, intending to state to Jessica that you were grounded and couldn’t go to the concert.” Mrs. Truman’s smile grew a second time. Tears of pride filled her eyes once more. “I was so proud of you for refusing. When I heart you tell her in no uncertain terms that you were staying home I decided right then and there that your time stuck here was over.” Mallory gaped after hearing this.

“R—Really? You mean it?” Mallory’s grin was huge. She jumped up and hugged Mrs. Truman tightly as if afraid the woman would disappear. “Oh thank you, thank you!” When Mallory pulled back—her face slightly red with a flush of embarrassment, Mrs. Truman continued smiling.

“Yes, Mallory. I think you know the difference between right and wrong.” She winked at Mallory as she went on. “And you’ve shown that you’re trust-worthy in spite of your own feelings toward Mr. Truman and me. In spite of the rough patches …. You know, the Bible says that God rewards those who obey him. It looks to me as if you know that. Am I right?” Mallory jumped up and down now, unable to contain her excitement.

“Oh thank you, thank you! The concert performs one more time before moving onto the next town. Can I go tonight? Please?” Mallory’s hands clasped under her chin—tilted downward as she peered at Mrs. Truman hopefully. Mrs. Truman grinned at Mallory, her eyes twinkling with mirth. She nodded, and Mallory leaped forward.

Thank you so very much! I will never forget this! Thank you! I love you for this!” Mallory’s excitement was almost palpable as she spun and rushed out of the room. Mrs. Truman smiled again, reaching up and wiping at her moist eyes.

“I love you, too,” she murmured.


Thank you Kendra again for this wonderful story.


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