Mallory Finds a Family By Kendra LaLonde (Part Five)

“Mallory, Dear, I want to read something to you. Will that be okay?” The uncertainty shining in Mrs. Truman’s eyes told Mallory that she didn’t want to overstep any boundaries that might exist. But Mallory, willing to listen for a change, simply nodded, motioning for her adoptive mother to continue.

“In Exodus chapter 20—that’s the second book of the Bible, which consists of sixty-six books, separated into two sections. Those sections are called Testaments—the Old and the New. Exodus is the second book in the Old Testament.” Mrs. Truman looked back down at where she pressed her finger onto the page.

“In the twentieth chapter of the book of Exodus, it says in verse twelve—” Interrupting herself, Mrs. Truman glanced up and explained that the chapters are divided into verses for easier reading—“Honour they father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.” Glancing back up at Mallory—this time with a smile tipping up the corners of her mouth—Mrs. Truman continued.

“You honoured Jake and myself,” she said, mentioning her husband of four years while praising Mallory for her obedience. “I don’t know if I can ever demonstrate how that makes me feel.” She grinned as she continued. “It makes me very happy knowing that you chose to do the right thing—to obey Jake and me instead of doing what you wanted with Jessica.” Without warning, Mrs. Truman reached out and pulled Mallory into her arms, hugging the teen closely.

“Mallory, the Lord rewards each of us for doing the right thing.” Mallory pulled away, looking into Mrs. Truman’s face with trepidation. Mrs. Truman’s smiling mouth tipped at the corners even more, permitting her teeth to show a little.

“You did what God would want us to do. You obeyed us, in spite of wanting to go to this concert with Jessica. In spite of not liking it here—of hating us and the whole world, and maybe even God—you chose to do the right thing.” Mrs. Truman’s smile vanished as she continued.

“I know life hasn’t always been easy, but God promises to be there for us if we ask Him into our hearts and lives. We just have to be humble enough to ask.” Looking into Mallory’s face Mrs. Truman continued. “You were humble when you stood up to Jessica. When she wanted you to go to that concert anyway I was so sure you would agree to go with her in spite of your punishment. I’m very proud of you for choosing to obey us instead.” Mallory stared at Mrs. Truman.



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