Respect on a Bus

Once again, I’ve witnessed the respect of Black young men when they are called out on their behavior. I take public transportation on a regular basis (okay, okay – everyday) so I see many things. These moments give me a chance to do some personal research into the minds of the youth (listening is such a powerful tool). This evening, I happened to encounter a different set of travelers since I caught the late express bus home. Seated at the back were a bunch of teenage guys who, in all honesty, were getting reckless in their conversation. Once the topic switched to sexual encounters (and rather detailed encounters, I may add) a woman called them out on their derogatory statements. They stopped immediately and switched to another topic. With all the negative posts about black young men floating around cyberspace, I felt a duty to share this.

This isn’t to say they will change the world from that conversation but it does mean that all hope isn’t “lost”. To me, I don’t care what anyone says, I am extremely hopeful for my generation, especially in the Black community. Situations like this makes me proud to work in the field of youth mentorship.

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