Voice4Society Winter Sponsor: Leah Oviedo

Thank you so much to Leah Oviedo for donating two copies of her second book in her “Up to You” series. We look forward to many more partnerships with her! In the meantime, make sure you check out her fabulous literary works and its synopsis down below.



“We Will Create Substainable Change?” is a collection of interviews from eleven people  around the world  farming, sustainable urban areas, water conservation, animal rescue, and community partnerships. They are different genders, skin colors, and ages, with varying beliefs from different countries. What they share in common is taking action. Each story includes a blueprint for how they got started, what obstacles they overcame, and advice on how all of us can get involved in creating a better world.

You can purchase it at this link:



More information on Leah can be found at:



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