Voice4Society Winter Sponsor: Tonja

Thank you Tonja for donating copies of your book, “Grace.”

Tonja said the following about herself:

“I am a writer who loves to travel with my husband and write about whatever touches my heart. I have a full time day-to-day job that takes up a lot of my time, but it does involve reading so that is a big benefit; I review medical records and make sure the information is accurate.

Writing is one of my biggest accomplishments and I am enjoying it every step of the way. My stories can be anything from Christian fiction, children’s stories, to self-help/how-to guides, and not limited to any one genre. I lie awake at night struggling with my thoughts about what to add to my current work in progress, the future works my mind tells me to start, and how to get what I have written “out there” for the world to read.

I started writing poems when I was just a little girl and short stories to a degree. I never did much with anything I wrote other than read it a few times and then put it away. Over the years, everything I had written was lost or destroyed, but the memories I had still lingered on in my mind. I eventually went on to college seeking an English major. I have always been intrigued by words and the meaning they have.

My inspiration to write comes from life and everything it has thrown at me over the past 40+ years. We all struggle with things deep within us and outside of us that intrigues our senses.”


What is “Grace” about? Tonja provided the following information about her story “Grace.”

“Grace combines a story about life with poetry written to capture stories from the headlines, from life, poetry vulnerable to the heart. The poetry reaches out to every grieving heart that looks to the Heavens for comfort in a time of need.

Grace captures history with a sense of style. Reliving a past while enlightening a future. When Sarah interviews her neighbor Grace, she uncovers poems that Grace had written when she was a young girl. There were poems Grace had written throughout her life that brought tears to Sarah’s eyes and some that brought a smile to her face. Sarah was able to feel Grace’s pain reading the poems Grace wrote about her husband and the poems written to capture stories from the headlines, as only Grace knew best to capture them.

The story includes poetry written after the suicide of my brother, after September 11, the Sandy Hook shooting, and everyday life that needs a little boost spiritually. I tried to incorporate a bit of everything into the emotional side when writing the poems so they could help me, or someone else, heal from a painful life event. My peers that have read the book replied with reviews stating how the poetry helped brighten their day, helped them remember how precious life can be and how quickly it can change, and how important it would be for others to read so they too can begin to heal.

Grace has five chapters and shares ten poems, personally written by myself, each one written to hold a special meaning. The poems are titled:

• We Need Your Heart

• Pick Up Your Faith In Each Other • I Rely On You To Guide Me

• I Struggle With The Words To Say To You

• I Try To Keep My Faith In You

• Smile Down On Us Jesus

• Hanging Onto Memories

• Only Me And Only You.




To connect with Tonja, visit the following sites:

Website:  http://www.tlbliss.com
Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/author/tlbliss
Smashwords:  https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/tlbliss


You can purchase, “Grace” at this link:







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