The Kalos Foundation

Check out the Kalos Foundation! Brittney from the organization shared some information that we think you guys will find interesting! Please support them because they are doing a great thing in their community 🙂 Also, check out their contributions to our Holiday PicStitch Project we held last year!

We had a program on the Friday after Thanksgiving called “White Friday” in which we encouraged everyone to do one random act of kindness instead of indulging in the greedy side of Black Friday. For our part, we took Starbucks gift cards to the NICU at a local hospital and brought one of our Kare packages to one of our supporters in there as well!  I’ve attached a few pictures for you. One is of the gift cards we gave out, another is the gift cards inside the “open me” envelopes we made, 1 is of my sister and I buying the stuffed dog to send with a gift card to the Happy Pig Cafe up to one of the families we knew in the ICU, one is of the baby with the doll and one is off the statues outside the hospital. Our information is in the About Me section of our Facebook page and the links are below:
Instagram: @TheKalosFoundation (launching soon!)

wpid-4.jpg wpid-5.jpg wpid-2.jpg wpid-1.jpgwpid-3.jpg

Kalos Foundation’s Facebook | Twitter: @KalosFoundation | Instagram: #TheKalosFoundation


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