Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder/Creator By Michelle Pohl (Part One)

Winters near end, a hint of spring touched the air. While preparing for the approaching season, I was crippled with fear.

I emailed a prayer request with concern for my eyes and vision.

It read, “Please pray for me. Against my better judgment I decided to go tanning. In the past, when tanning was suggested to improve the look of my fair complexion, I would sternly reply, “It’s not worth the risk.” Last year, however, I used self-tanning lotions. I gained compliments and enjoyed being noticed.

When a coupon came in the mail for five free tans and all my former reason went out the window. The first tan went fine. The second tan, I thought, “Instead of wearing goggles, I’ll just close my eyes.”  After six minutes I felt a sharp pain in my eye. I immediately left the tanning bed.

By the next morning my eyes were red and my lids were swollen. More than the pain I was in, I was embarrassed that I allowed peer pressure to influence me to make poor choices. Now I was scared my eyes had been burned.

Fear and worry pulsated though my mind, “Could I lose my vision?”  The thought of never seeing my children again deeply grieved my heart. My tear duct forced out one painful drop.

I made an appointment with an optometrist.  He confirmed my retinas were in fact burned but my corneas were fine. This time I was lucky, retinas can heal themselves. Actually, I was blessed. I know prayer played a key role in my recovery.


Check back on Monday for Part Two/Final Part of Beauty.


6 thoughts on “Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder/Creator By Michelle Pohl (Part One)”

  1. Great blog if you have the time could you check out a few of mine 😊 also if there’s anything you’d like me to write about just ask !x

    1. Absolutely! Thank you for stopping by and supporting us. Don’t be a stranger!

      Also, do you have an email address? I’d love to send you more information, especially about our writing team 🙂

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