Thanksgiving with iROC

Below please find a little about who we are. More information about us can be found on our website as well at

iROC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization who mission is to provide children and families within the community a vast amount of resources, to nurture, mold and develop a superior view and understanding of the importance of intelligence. Along this mission our goal is to Intelligently Redefine Our Culture. We believe that iROC, an innovative, thought provoking, empowering, dual educational mentorship and resource initiative is the anchor that our community’s needs in order to break the perpetual negative views and understandings of our culture.

iROC aspires to implement five core components by the year 2016 which include:
Soup Kitchen (located in Camden-CAFÉ: Camden Assisting with Food Enrichment)
Mentorship Program (dual educational)
HIV/Aids Out Reach Program
Financial Literacy
Age Out Homeless Shelter for Teens (Camden & Philadelphia Locations)

iROC Team


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