“I Surrender” by Kim Walker

(Click to link to the song) —-> “I Surrender” by Kim Walker

Hey Voice4Society Family!

The end of the year is usually busy for us….Goodness knows preparing for the coming year’s activities keeps us busy!

I love every part of it though. As I’m working through some social media assignments, I came across this song. I really love the soft yet edgy voice of Kim Walker. I feel like she can take me to the throne of God with her songs. This particular song stuck out to me and I have replayed it ever since. It’s so easy for us to get wrapped up in the constant hustle-and-bustle of life that sometimes we miss out on God’s simple messages. He speaks through so many things, but for me it’s through nature.

A snowfall can easily mesmerize me and I can go into a thanksgiving session on the spot LOL. With everything that is going on, from buying presents to rehearsing for my role as Mary in our church play, to setting up Voice4Society for 2014, Kim Walker has managed to stop me in my tracks. I just want to pass this song on to you guys and remind you to surrender everything to God. Even if we are working to achieve a greater purpose in our homes, on our jobs, or in our communities – we cannot forget that God needs to be the center of it all. All glory and honor is due to Him and when we allow Him to work in our lives, He will always restore joy.

Just close your eyes and meditate on His goodness and how much He has given you in 2013. If you are alive and you can read this message, you are beyond blessed. It’s a simple song but it is packed with those super-duper-ooey-wonderful feelings we love to feel. Take some time to really embrace the chorus:

All to you, I Surrender…
Everything, Every part of me.
All to you, I Surrender…
All of my dreams, All of me.

Thank you Jesus! 🙂


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