Maria (Part One) by Kristine Morgan

Maria slowly walked down the aisles of her local grocery store. The pictures on the cans all looked so good, if only she could read the words. She had learned the hard way that the picture wasn’t always right. Just last week she bought a container that had a picture of lemons on it. She thought she was getting lemonade, but instead it was cleanser. Usually she could tell what was in the container by which aisle it was in, but the cleanser was a sale item on an end cap. Life is hard when you can’t read.

Maria wanted to read, but growing up homeless, no one had ever thought to send her to school. If her mom found a safe, warm place to sleep, and something to fill their bellies, well that was a good day. When you bounced around between shelters and friends couches, the authorities never noticed you. School was a dream, like a home with mom and dad.

Today, Maria decided she would go to the library. Usually the librarian would read to the small children, and if Maria was careful, she could slip in beside the children and blend in with their mothers.  Although the stories were for little children, Maria could close her eyes and imagine that she was a little girl with golden hair, walking through the woods. Or perhaps it would be a story about that little monkey named George.


When story time was over, Maria wandered over to the shelves and sat on the floor. She looked at the pictures, if only she could read!


Kristine Morgan was the third winner of Voice4Society and Hope Alive Ministry’s 1st ever writing contest back in July.


Congrats again to Kristine on an excellent story. Check back on Thursday for Part Two.


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