Young Writers Contest Sponsor! Joette Baldwin

Special THANK YOU to our Young Writers contest sponsor, Joette Baldwin! Ever wanted to take a step back into history, even for a few minutes? Well, grab your favorite blanket, a mug of hot cocoa, and turn your cell phone off. This is the perfect Autumn read to start your “me time” this weekend!

Murray Pura’s American Civil War Series – Cry of Freedom – Volume 7 – Sheltering Arms [Kindle Edition]

150 years ago the history of America changed forever. Live 1863 through the stories of some of our finest writers – the passion, the romance, the tragedy, and the triumph.

The plantations. The Underground Railroad. Chancellorsville. Vicksburg. Gettysburg. Little Round Top. Chickamauga. Chattanooga. Missionary Ridge. The soldiers in the field. The families at home. The nurses in the hospitals. The speeches at Richmond and Washington. The prayers in churches North and South. It’s all here in one of the most dramatic series ever produced. A new story by a different author released every two weeks between April and November. Join us for one of the most exciting events in American inspirational publishing – Helping Hands Press presents CRY OF FREEDOM! Renée Harris and her husband Coleman are wealthy plantation owners in war-torn Virginia during the year 1863. When her husband and son join the Confederate Army, Renée must contend with life at “Rose Hill,” all on her own. She struggles with devastating grief and the hardships of war and must elicit the aid of her trusty slaves to get by.

During Rene’s moment of deepest despair two miraculous events occur that will eventually restore her faith in God and give her strength to go on with her life. I was born in Washington, D.C. and currently reside in Arlington, Virginia with my sister Roanne, two cats and one cockatiel. My fascination for the Civil War originated from my mother who grew up in a quaint town near Appomattox. Two of my gg grandfathers fought for the Confederacy, one of whom died at First Manassas. Another great grandfather fought for the Union at Antietam. As a child, I read Bruce Canton’s “A Stillness at Appomattox” and became thoroughly hooked on the Civil War! My other interests include music (all kinds), trains, art, historic architecture, classic films and literature, interior design, genealogy and animal welfare. In short, I love all things bright and beautiful, all things old and wonderful…
Murray Pura invited me to join the “Cry of Freedom” project after he’d read a brief memoir which I posted on Facebook. As a first-time author I’m deeply honored to be included in this incredible series, among so many talented writers. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Murry Pura and Helping Hands Press for making my life-long dream of becoming a published writer come true.

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