Young Writers Contest Sponsor! BJ Robinson

Special THANK YOU to our Young Writers contest sponsor, BJ Robinson! She was gracious enough to lend her support to our writing contest and awarded a fantastic prize to our winners! We appreciate your help! Voice4Society family – Please check out her award-winning books & their synopsis’ below. We’ve included them for easy reading!

BJ Robinson

Calm Before the Storm is an Amazon bestseller by award-winning author B. J. Robinson. Vera Minette Brady left Louisiana six short years ago and never looked back. There were times she missed Lake Pontchartrain, but not enough to return after her high school sweetheart ripped her heart asunder. She hadn’t counted on a hurricane and her sister’s illness to lure her back. She hated hospitals and wondered why a feeling of déjà vu iced through her veins and overpowered her each time she entered one. The truth was she knew why. She just didn’t want to think about it. Douglass Stevens, the owner of a construction company, discovered something more important he’d love to construct besides buildings. He wanted to rebuild the relationship he once had with Vera. Why did it seem something always got in the way? When Vera returned to see her sister, he planted himself at the hospital to support her, determined not to let her get away again. Together, their path is littered with obstacles, and they have to decide if it’s God’s will, hospital error, or someone playing God as they helplessly watch loved ones die.

Will Douglass be strong enough to provide the support Vera needs through this storm in her life?

Can their love weather the storms that rage against them both?

Second novella in Storms of Life Series Serenity Through the Storm. Only $2.99. Journey with the characters from Calm Before the Storm as new storms threaten their lives in Serenity Through the Storm. Vera, Douglass, Mark, and Serenity have to work together to plow …their way through this one. Douglass and Mark are construction workers. Serenity is a nurse. Mark and Serenity honeymoon in TN but when they return from their honeymoon, Mark has to face a job he doesn’t like. No way does he want to spend the rest of his life as a paper pusher, but what can he do about it with one leg? He’s been assigned to a desk job, and he hates it. His once tanned and calloused working-mans hands are now smooth and white, a constant reminder that he’s not the man he used to be.
Will he ever be again?
Is he man enough to protect Serenity from the new storms that weather their lives? His heart pounds when he sees her red Impala flying through the air. “Dear God, Please don’t take this one, too.”
Inspirational Romantic Suspense Thrillers!
Dillon and Tillie return to evoke panic and fear in the lives of Vera, Douglass, Mark, and Serenity. Will faith be enough for them to endure? Only $4.99 for two novellas. Both Calm Before the Storm and Serenity Through the Storm are included in one volume for your reading pleasure.
Visit BJ at and check out her available titles at Amazon by searching B. J. Robinson for her Amazon Page.

B. J. Robinson WHISPERING CYPRESS, COMING August 11, 2012 SOUTHERN SUPERSTITIONS, JANUARY 2012 LAST RESORT, July 2011 Inspirational Romantic Suspense by Multi-published, Award-Winning Author Desert Breeze Publishing

2 thoughts on “Young Writers Contest Sponsor! BJ Robinson”

  1. I was happy to provide the prizes. Once I sponsored a creative-writing club for young people, and it was fun. May God bless your writing endeavors. Blessings for success, BJ

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