Young Writers Contest Sponsor! Dominique Wilkins

Special THANK YOU to our Young Writers contest sponsor, Dominique Wilkins! In life, we learn many (many) lessons. These books are amazing examples of that. Get ready to be blown away by these great reads! Check out the details below:

Dominique Wilkins

(Drinking The Poison and Waiting on Your Neighbor to Die Synopsis)
drinking the poison 3d Kaleena Jones had a  neighbor who couldn’t breathe without exhaling hatred. Everything that Kaleena did or tried to do was a problem for her neighbor, Savannah. Savannah tried desperately to sabotage Kaleena’s love life and reputation, to make herself feel better. She hated everything about the Jones’ and wouldn’t be satisfied until they moved back to wherever they came from. But Kaleena wasn’t making it easy. Hating is tough when no one wants to acknowledge it or reciprocate it. So, will Savannah give it up or kick it up a notch?

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(The Audacity of You! Synopsis)
audacity2How many times have you had an instance where someone did something and you could not BELIEVE they had the audacity (nerve) to do what they did? This book is for you to laugh, reminisce or shake your head to! Read about the gamblers with no loyalty, or the close fisted woman who refuses to share, but keeps her hand out & other stories that you may have fallen victim to or have been guilty of doing! Get your copy and see if your story is in these pages- The Audacity of You!
(A Compilation of Short Stories)

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