Ricky’s Big Adventure (Part Four)

By Kendra LaLonde

Glancing back Ricky momentarily thought of going back for his ball. But sight of the large rope-like creature coming at him with incredible speed through the thick grasses prompted him to turn and continue his way up.

Just as he crested the top he glanced back once more. It was as if looking into a yawning pit of evil when that thing opened its large mouth, meaning to devour him. Ricky let out a screech of absolute terror, then clambered the rest of the way out.

Mom!’ he screamed, running for the house. It was still over a hundred feet away, but he could still hear the thing coming toward him. The weeds and other greenery gave under its weight as it moved, and he could tell it was getting closer.

Ricky’s mother came out onto the porch, wiping her hands on a dishtowel. She still wore her apron from making a big breakfast for Ricky’s father—a traveling preacher. The pleasant smile on her face disappeared almost as soon as she saw him running toward her as fast as he could manage it.

“What is it, Son?” she asked now, coming to the stairs and looking down at him as he clambered up to her. Without answering, he grabbed her hand, pulling her roughly inside.

“There was a—a—” Ricky glanced back, didn’t see anything, but didn’t dare go back outside. Instead he clung to his mother, arms wrapped around her tightly, as if he’d never let her go. Her hands settling on his shoulders she slowly pushed him just a few inches away from her, permitting her to look into his face.

Check out the final part of Kendra LaLonde’s winning story for the “Reading Rocks” theme.


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