Ricky’s Big Adventure (Part Three )

Tossing the ball high in the air Ricky missed catching it again, and it struck the ground near him. He tried catching it before it bounced back into the low pool of rainwater, but missed as it sprang away. Only to land back on the puddles surface with a loud “smack” and a splash.


Ricky never expected to hear what he took notice of at that point; a loud     hiss and a popping noise. He watched in horror as the ball hissed, and began losing its round shape. What was happening to it? Had it been punctured somehow? Ricky took a step forward, intending to grab the ball and check it over when what looked like a flashlight—rather discolored—rose above the surface of the water.

Black and yellow beady eyes stared at Ricky as if daring him to come closer. Ricky’s mouth fell open, and barely gulping in a breath he suddenly turned and ran as fast as he could, climbing his way up to the top. A loud hissing noise behind him alerted him that the creature from which he ran had taken up the chase.

Don’t forget to check next week for the fourth part.


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