Esther: Behind the Veil

The Story of Esther


KJ Daniels

Hadassah, or Esther as she was called after marriage, was a beautiful young orphan, a Jewish woman, who lived with her cousin Mordecai. Mordecai raised Esther as his own daughter and provided for her.

The day came when Queen Vashti did not do as her husband, King Ahasuerus, had commanded by coming into view of the chamberlains so that the king may show off her beauty. Because she disobeyed, the king had to ban her from the kingdom because if he did not, then all the women of the kingdom may see fit to treat their husbands with disobedience. With Vashti banished, the king set out to look for a new Queen.

The king called for all beautiful virgins of the kingdom to be brought to the palace. They were to be chosen royal harems in King Ahasureus’ court. Out of all the virgin women called to the palace, Esther was the one who found favor and kindness with the king and became his wife.

The king gave a banquet in Esther’s honor, inviting all the princes and servants to attend. During this time Esther had kept her kindred and people secret as Mordecai, her cousin, had instructed her.


………………Stay tuned for what happens next!


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