Your Looks Are NOT Superior, We’re All Different! (Part 1)

By: Shudiara McMillian
This blog post is actually a response to a recent YouTube video I saw. If you are interested click the link and watch the video first to get a better understanding of my response!

Whenever an individual makes certain comments that aim to bring down confident people, you have to look at the bigger picture to make an intelligent response. People like that are jealous, and their self-esteem is usually very low. You could be thought to be the most beautiful man or women someone ever laid eyes on, but at the same time be so shallow and destroyed on the inside. It is very sad that we are so divided as men and women mostly women by our skin color, hair texture, body types, and facial features. It is not a bad thing to be different in these areas it is how God created us to be.

However, it becomes an issue when you think of yourself to be superior than the other being that someone told you your shape is better, your skin color is better, and your hair texture is better than his or hers.  It is such an issue that as children many are brainwashed into thinking they are superior to others because they look a certain way, or a small boy grows up to think that a certain woman is superior being that she has certain features, skin color, and hair that appeal more European or acceptable. As parents, we should teach our children to accept all people from all races. How can you view yourself to be a good parent when you don’t allow your children to build their own perception of others?


Stay tuned for Part 2 on Thursday!


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