Dear God, Can You Make Me Beautiful?

Have you ever prayed this prayer?

I have.

This plea conveys the problem that has plagued every female throughout every age of this ole world. 🙂 We’ve all heard the same sayings growing up, “Inner beauty is what matters” “God thinks you’re beautiful” and so on; but let’s be honest, that’s pretty scant comfort to a acne ridden fourteen year old. However like a lot of mom’s sayings, they end up being right. 🙂

Let me give you an example before you stop reading this thinking I’m a “no-makeup! be content at all times” crank. There are two young women in my church that are some of the most beautiful people you will ever meet. But if you just saw them on the street, you probably wouldn’t look twice, or you might even think them ugly, but they have some of the most beautiful attitudes and personalities you’d ever see. Women compliment them all the time, young girls want to be like them, and men flock to them.

What phenomenon is this???

 Like my mom always says, a beautiful smile will go a lonnnnggg way! As a Christian, the joy of our Lord should always be with us, and it should be reflected in our face, our expression. I’m not saying we have to be Tiger all the time, but we definitely should avoid being Eeyore. 🙂 When your face reflects the joy and happiness of God, it magnifies your beauty (inner and outer) a hundred thousand times! And if you’re still in your teens, don’t worry, you’ll grow into yourself. Your face especially doesn’t fully mature until about eighteen and your hormones will level out (I promise!)

I’m not saying us girls should never wear makeup or style our hair pretty, but whatever we focus on for a significant amount of time reflects in our persona. If we spend a LOT of time on hair, clothes and makeup we become focused on the fact that we covering up, ‘flaws’ or trying to measure up to a standard that has been photo-shopped to death. When we focus on Bible study, ministry activities, and so on, your inner and outer beauty bloom like a flower.

In conclusion:

Aim to be a flower! 😀 There are many beautiful flowers that stink, they make a pretty postcard and that’s about it. But a pretty flower full of nectar that attracts all kinds of bees and butterflies is a hundred times more valuable because it gives life. Be a life-giving flower, always have something to give. When you are a source that gives joy, laughs, and life, others will naturally flock to you. Just like the bees and butterflies do to a literal flower! Your circle may not be made up of the most popular crowd or people that could be on the cover of Vogue, but you’ll be surrounded by friends with beautiful souls that can, in turn serve as a life source for you.

A joyful life is one of the most attractive traits we can ever cultivate!

~Hannah P.


A little bit about me 😉

I write kindle books and attend seminary school where I’m striving to earn my BA in Biblical studies. Come hang out with me on my blog!


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