Our 501c3 Journey: Introduction


Did you know that everyone has a dream? Some know it and some don’t. Some keep that dream locked up in their mental cube forever, while some chase it down with a relentless passion.

Well…between the two, we fell into the second category.

Three years ago, God inspired me to start drafting a youth mentorship program. Through the years, we’ve adapted, changed, revised, added, edited, and re-arranged what our mission was. With each season came a new vision, a new focus, and a new approach to what Voice4Society Inc “should be”. Unfortunately, all that the mumbo jumbo contributed to was a big bowl of confusion among the executives. (yikes!) I wouldn’t trade those days for anything though.


It helped us narrow down our main purpose to one concrete statement. Weeding through my team’s past conversations and our research, it is clear that it was not easy figuring out why we needed to be in the position we were at that time. The mix of educational backgrounds and interests among the members aided in figuring out our next steps. Personally, I have to say that pursuing my MPA degree (Masters of Public Administration) helped greatly in determining what needed to be done and what would have been a waste of time.

Fast-forwarding several years: We are now in a place where we know exactly what our purpose is, how we will accomplish it, and how we will help others achieve their dream goals too. If you have a burning desire or are just curious in wanting to start your own nonprofit, then stay tuned. Every month, we will release a new article on our journey from just a group to a nonprofit. We hope that you will learn some things, participate in the comments section, and walk away feeling a little more motivated in getting to know your business idea.

Keep an eye out for May’s edition. We will be focusing on the reason our incorporation process didn’t stress us out! If you have any suggestions of future article topics that you would like us to cover, please feel free to leave it in the comment section below!

Until next time,

Stay Inspired!

~ Tiffany J. (Executive Director)


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