Speaking Out For a Reason, Not Just a Season!

*Tiffany J. Chase is the Executive Director of Voice4Society. We focus on community and youth advocacy, specifically decreasing the rate of juvenile delinquency in urban communities. Our mission is to provide a voice and a platform for organizations, charities, positive activists, advocates, any anybody who is involved in the general cause for a better tomorrow. Through online events and encouraging messages, we strive to help those who may be on the brink of something worse than we could ever expect or expect. This is a far-fetched goal to the common man but it is a source of aspiration and a renewal of commitment to the fight. This initiative started with a dream. Through the help and wisdom of God, it is now a reality. The Voice4Society team shares the same passion: Creating a better tomorrow. With the astounding help of the team and the volunteers, Voice4Society is becoming a powerful positive force in its online community.

“Speaking Out For A Reason, Not Just A Season!”

:: This mantra is self-explanatory and reflective of the heart of this program. Everyone who supports Voice4Society understands that actions are the best way to express the purpose of this venture. Therefore, little is said about who we are because what we do is more important.

===>  If you are interested in the youth on a whole, the advancement of your community, or just to make a positive investment in our future, We highly suggest you get involved in this venture. Did you know you can make a difference from your home? The online world is where we create and execute most of our projects. You may live in Texas or Australia and you can help just as much as the volunteer who lives next door. With that said, if this proposal has tugged at your heartstrings please contact us! There are several ways to contact us:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Voice4Society

Twitter: Follow us @Voice4Society

Email: voice4society@gmail.com


We Can’t Wait To Hear From You!

Enjoy !!!


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