Do You Have One? The Importance of a Mission Statement (Part 3)

Continued from last week….
Building a Mission statement is important because, it will give you a sense of direction and meaning to your life. It will help you be successful at the overall goals you have set. If you know where you are going, having set goals will make your mission easier to accomplish. We all have a mission, we were not placed on this earth to only work countless hours, pay bills, chase after money, or waist money on unnecessary things (living without purpose).
There is more meaning to life, and the things of this world will come and go. Until you seek to find what you are meant to do, there will always be a feeling of worthlessness. If someone asked, what is your mission in life? What is your purpose? Would you have a ready answer or would you say I don’t know? You may be an accountant, a factory worker, or a cashier, but know that it is not your ultimate mission in life. Whatever you do have passion and interest for it.
  Many people work in certain fields not because of passion, but because of money. You can tell if someone truly enjoys their work, they smile and provide an overall pleasant experience. Then there are those who work in a certain field because the pay is good, but they have the worst attitude. If you find yourself in that category it would be in your best interest to find your purpose, what were you specifically created to do? The best solution I can recommend is to pray to God that he will start to reveal your purpose. Pray that he will continue to guide you on the right path as you began to understand what it is you were destined to do.
There you have it, you now know what a mission statement is, how to start building one, and its’importance. I hope you have drawn inspiration from this. Feel free to share this with your loved ones and friends.
Shudiara McMillian

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