Do You Have One? The Importance of a Mission Statement (Part 2)

Continuing from last week’s post:
First here is a brief summary of how K.P. Yahannan built his mission statement:
Yhannan’s memoir was about his mission to change his generation. He was 16-years-old when he became a missionary. He went throughout Asia preaching the Gospel to the lost, but he was faced with many trials along the way. It was in chapter three of the book where I built my own mission statement.  For many reasons I won’t disclose just yet J. In the book, Yahannan talked about meeting a man by the name of John Haggai, who challenged him to create a mission statement for himself.  He had to write a sentence that summarized what he would do for the remainder of his life.
The guidelines were: “it could not be self-centered or worldly in nature. And one more thing—it had to bring glory to God.” (Revolutions In World Missions) After reading that insert from the book it helped me quickly think of my mission in life, and it met all the criteria stated above. It was very easy for me because at the time I was developing a great love for God. It just seemed to naturally flow as if I always knew my purpose in life.
As far as my passion, well you are getting a small sample of it right now. I recently realized that writing is my passion. As a young girl in elementary school I would write short stories, but as I got older I stopped. In high school you know you have to right papers for English class, I always made a good grade on them, but I didn’t recognize it as my gift. It took years to really realize I had the gift of writing, but I had really been unconsciously doing it all along. God always has a way of showing you answers to the questions you have.
I encourage you to take a few moments out of every day to start building your very own Mission Statement. I say every day because it will take time to figure out. Keep a pen and journal close by at all times to keep track of your thoughts and short/long-term goals. Think about the things you already do well. Are you motivating people? Are you a good listener? Are you artistic? Does teaching come natural to you? What are some of the things you would like to see change? These things are ultimately passions, but will most likely lead you to your purpose. When you know your purpose you can build a mission statement.
(Stay tuned next week for the final installment of this awesome post!)

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