Do You Have One? The Importance of a Mission Statement (Part 1)

By: Shudiara McMillian
    A Mission Statement, What is it? How do you build one? Why is it important?
A Mission Statement is summarized into one sentence that gives an overview of the mission of a business, an idea, or the purpose of one’s life. Usually mission statements are associated with businesses, churches, or profitable/non-profitable organizations. Having a mission statement pertaining to a business plan help set the foundation for services that will be provided, which helps the service provider to target specific genders, age groups, ethnic groups, and interests. For example, a business that specializes in beauty, their mission would be to provide a wide range of cosmetics that will cater to women of all color. That’s not a polished mission statement, but I think you get the idea.
The kind of mission statement I am referring to in this post is the mission of life, your life to be exact. It is really ironic, because for some time now I have been thinking about mission statements. I recently emailed back and forth with a friend and we briefly talked about it. He told me he was trying to figure out what he was meant to do in life. I hope this will give him a bit of inspiration on figuring it out. Getting back on track, it is very important to have a mission statement for your life. Many people are lost and are living life without purpose. I know once I could relate to that.
I watched Oprah’s Lifeclass series, and in one episode she spoke on purpose or your life’s calling. What you do best or what you have passion for will lead you to your purpose. I sat and thought what do I do best? What am I passionate about? I was so lost, and I came up with nothing. Until, I started reading a book called Revolutions In World Missions, By K.P. Yahannan. Ah ha you see the connection? Since we have discussed what a mission statement is, let’s go in depth of how to build one………but for now, stay tuned for next week’s installment of this awesome post!

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