By, Tiffany J.

Shopping is TOTALLY my new thing.

Before it used to be only food but this has officially taken over.


The thrill of going on to your favorite store’s website, sorting through their clothes, going through the highs and lows of pricing, and then…… dum dum dummmmmm:

Buying “said” item. Just a rush.

And I must admit, I LOVE EVERY BIT OF IT!

Especially when it gets delivered to my mailbox.

Then I proceed to my happy dance, uncontrollable giggles, and fist-pumping routine.

Don’t judge me. It relaxes me, excites me, and best of all – it is my new found outlet for stress.

What’s your favorite part of shopping?


4 thoughts on “Shopping!!”

  1. I understand what you mean!! Online shopping is the best. I get excited to see the mail man because I know my package is here!!!

  2. I understand how shopping can be therapeutic, but you must be really careful not let it become your “go to”. In times of stress, we must turn to God, not things, for our comfort. This is a lesson that was hard for me to learn and I am still working on it. I used to be a shopper when I felt stressed, anxious, angry, etc. My emotions got the best of me and…I ended up getting into thousands of dollars worth of debt. I have a better system now and part of that is turning to God with prayer and sometimes tears. But I find that turning to God fills me with peace and strength for a long period, where as turning to “things” gives only temporary relief and therefore, we turn back to again and again. Why not go for something that is lasting?

    1. Its true! For me, it’s not an issue because my life is balanced and i can enjoy this area without going beyond my boundaries. I’ve actually trained myself to be conscious odd how much i spend vs. how much i can spend. I think when you have that discipline, you can enjoy shopping the way i do. But I’m glad that you learned from your experience and you aren’t afraid to share it. That’s wonderful!

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