10 Things To Do Before You Graduate College by Dillon A.

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So we have yet another article coming at you from Mr. Dillon Asencio. 

Remember his post on Bromance?

Remember how awesome it was?

Well, he asked for yet another thought-provoking topic. Since he’s currently in college, I asked him to do some reflecting and conjure up a list of 10 things to do before he graduates. After some deep thinking, he put together this list. Can you relate to any of these?

10 Things To Do Before You Graduate College 
            By Dswaags Nacaj aka Dillon Asencio

    Hello everyone! Once again Voice4Society’s very own Tiffany gives me a topic that seems simple. I thought making a list of 10things to do before you graduate college should be really easy, but when I actually sat down to think about it, I realized that it was far from that. I never really thought about graduation much because I’m graduating in another year and a half. It seemed pretty far away in my head, but when I thought about it, graduation is really close. I thought about this list for about 2weeks and finally came up with 10things you should do before graduation. I hope that this helps other students figure out what they should do before they graduate college, if not #yolo.

  1. Get an Internship: It seems like jobs now are only hiring people who have experience. You might be saying to yourself, how do they expect me to get experience if no one is willing to hire me and teach me? Getting an internship while you’re in school gives you the chance to get experience, so when you graduate, you already have the experience employers are looking for in a candidate.  An internship + your degree will help you a lot.


  1. Meet with your advisor: Your advisor knows what classes you need to take and how close you are to graduation. Students complain about mistakes their advisors made which can probably delay graduation another semester. Meet with your advisor and go over the list of courses you need to take and make a plan.


  1. Take Down All Of Your Professors’ Contact Info: Your professors are the people who have been hired to teach you and give you a real work experience. Most of your professors probably worked in the same field you want to work in. They’re your direct link to people who are still working in the field and they know what you’re capable of. Your professors can help set up interviews or provide a recommendation, so stay on their good side and show them you can handle the work in their class.


  1. Take Down Some Of Your Classmates’ Info: Making friends in college is extremely important. It’s always good to make friends wherever you go. Aside from the fact that making new friends is good (in my opinion). You never know where they will be after college. You might think that the kid picking his nose in the corner of the class, the anti-social girl in the front, and that one annoying loud girl who seems to answer every question in class, are all “uncool” or “weird”, but they can probably be the ones who make it far and help you get the job you want.


  1. Attend A Guest Lecture: Being able to gather in one room and listen to a sometimes highly intelligent individual, is hard to do once you graduate. Normally people have to pay a ridiculous amount of money just to sit down and attend a lecture. Colleges should always have guest speakers throughout the semester. Attend them, take notes, asks questions, and learn from them. A lot of students may not want to attend because they think it’s boring, but once you aren’t able to attend them for free anymore, you’ll be wishing you did when you had the chance.
Retrieved from bluejayblogs.com
  1. Join a club: Clubs are fun and there are usually a good amount of different ones to choose from. They look great on your resume and sometimes offer trips. It’s a great way to learn more, hangout, meet new people, and get free pizza. Good clubs always have pizza! If your club doesn’t, you’re in the wrong one.


  1. Attend a sporting event: What better way to show school spirit than painting your entire face your school’s color, gathering with hundreds of your fellow classmates, friends, professors, and even strangers and just yell at the top of your lungs for your school.


  1. Learn How To Cook: If you’re dorming, the luxury of a meal plan is about to end. If you live at home, you’re probably looking for a place to live after you graduate so you won’t have to hear your parents complain about everything in life. Learning how to cook is very important! Having a microwave to just heat canned food up is awesome, but just like everything easy in life, it can give you cancer. So at least try to learn how to cook.


  1. Write an article for Voice4Society: Because Tiffany and everyone else who’s a part of it is awesome in every way.


  1. Throw An Insane Party Before Graduation: You’ve worked hard your entire life to get where you are. At least take one day to reward yourself for your hard work and dedication. Nothing too wild like the movie Project X, but something fun and safe. Four years of presentations, research papers, and listening to that loud annoying girl from #4 can be really stressful. Let loose, have fun, stay safe, and get ready for the real world!

3 thoughts on “10 Things To Do Before You Graduate College by Dillon A.”

  1. I’m totally that loud, annoying girl who answers every question. However, in my defense, I would like to point out that in over half of my classes I do it because no one else is answering or asking questions and the teachers look miserable because of it. If you know the answer, why not give it? I tend to quiet down once others start participating so everyone gets a chance, but I just can’t help filling that overbearing silence that declares “No one else did the reading.”

    I’m curious, how does one go about writing an article for Voice4Society?

    1. LOL! I am that same person too! Both in undergrad and graduate school. It even got to a point where i was the one expected to know the answer all the time. The days i didn’t go to to school, my classmates told me it was very quiet LOL. But yes, that awkward silence is very bothersome lol. I can definitely relate. This response is awesome! Thanks for the feedback & for your interest with our group. There are tons of projects you can get involved in! Email me at voice4society@gmail.com. I’ll respond asap!

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