Bayley P. In The Spotlight

Ever heard of our BBA Program? Or our RealLife Series? Or maybe even our Creative Projects Director position? Yeah? Well awesome! But if you haven’t, the person behind these projects and the one who holds this position, is none other than Ms. Bayley P. She is a vital part of Voice4Society as one of our directors but has also moved her Hope Alive Ministry under Voice4Society for a year. Here’s a little more about her:
My name is Bayley P. I have been a Christian my whole life. My parents are very devote Christians. I have always had a ministry mind-set instilled in me by my parents. Every Christmas for about five years, I would purchase gifts for a local homeless shelter to benefit Magi Ministry, an organization that my mom founded. In September of 2011 when the starvation in Somalia, Africa hit the news, I wanted to do something to help. I was going to start Save Our Friends Together or S.O.F.T. I would have concerts and sell bracelets and tee-shirts to raise money for food to help those children. I decided to start a ministry of a different kind that would reach more people and benefit them at the same time. I wanted to start a ministry that would inspire Christians called Hope Alive Ministry.

I am 20 years old and I started Hope Alive Ministry on Facebook in January of 2012. I felt that God has laid it on my heart to inspire fellow Christians. I have grown up as a Christian my whole life and I saw some Christians turning away from the church in hard times.I am not perfect; I still have a lot to learn. However I believe that through the grace of God, anything is possible! I wanted to inspire them to continue to trust God even during those challenging times. I called it Hope Alive Ministry because through inspiring Christians I desire for hope to be in their hearts through the grace of God.

My ministry started out as just inspiring Christians through providing biblical quotes, Christian songs, and stories. I then started posting pages about sick children that I follow. This has since grown into a desire and a calling to inspire Christians all over the world and not just through Facebook. H.A.M. will function under Voice4Society for now under my direction. The first assignment under Voice4Society will be 13 electronic newsletters delivered to your email’s inbox every Friday at 1 PM EST starting today, January 4, 2013.
Please email me at if you are interesting in receiving these newsletters. You may subscribe and unsubscribe at any time. It’s free to do so.
For more information about Hope Alive Ministry, please “like” it on Facebook at, follow it on Blogger at, or email me at
Thank You and God Bless You Today & Always!
~Bayley P. Visionary/Creator behind Hope Alive Ministry

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