The Authentic Gift….The True Meaning of Christmas by Shudiara Mcmillian

This post was submitted by one of our new regular bloggers Shudiara Mcmillian. Enjoy!


Christmas! A time for family bonding, festive parties, and thoughtful gifts. This is how the media presents the Christmas season to the world. While we know them to be tradition, these examples are not the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas is the time for thanking God for His son Jesus. Jesus gave an authentic gift to this world, the gift of eternal life. He made the ultimate sacrifice by giving his life to redeem us from the enemy which enabled us to have total access to God at any time, and to be forgiven for the sins we commit. I want to give a brief overview of why Jesus gave his life for us and the benefits of that selfless act.

In the beginning God laid the foundations of the earth that was without sin. Everything God created was “Good.” God then created Adam and from Adams rib God created Eve. God allowed Adam and Eve to eat of any tree in the Garden of Eden except one, the tree which gave them knowledge of good and evil. They had no knowledge of sin, and they didn’t even know they were naked. They were comparable babies they didn’t know right from wrong. God commanded that they not eat of the tree or they would die. Not die as in drop dead die, but they would spiritually die and be separated from God. Satan was in the garden and persuaded Eve to eat of the tree, and Eve persuaded Adam to eat of the tree. Their eyes were opened and then they became aware of the wrong they had done. They felt ashamed and knew that they were naked, so they covered themselves. God called for Adam, but He and Eve hid themselves from Him. Adam responded they hid from Him because they knew they were naked. God became angry that they had disobeyed Him and ate from the tree that gave them knowledge. Basically they lost the innocence’s and pureness they were created with, they died spiritually, and they were now aware of good and evil. God cursed and banned them from the garden.

The sin that Adam and Eve committed separated them from God, and because of sin there had to be some way for this world to be forgiven and redeemed. The way sins use to be forgiven was through brunt offering and animal blood. God wants us to have total access to Him to be able to ask for forgiveness and to have eternal life, so there had to be an ultimate sacrifice. God needed a clean vessel (pure blood, hence the phrase the blood of Jesus) that was without sin. Jesus was the only worthy one to make that ultimate sacrifice, everyone else on earth after Adam and Eve were born into sin and dying spiritually. The sins you are committing or previously committed is what keeps you separated from God, but the good side of it is that Jesus was born on Christmas to be our savior. Now that He has completed His mission which redeemed us back to God, one of several benefits we possess is that we have total access to God. Mediators and burn offerings are in the past and are not required to help you confess your sins. Jesus was the lamb that was slain for you and me. You can go to God in prayer where ever you are and ask forgiveness. Just believe that Jesus died for your sins, rose on the third day, is now sitting at the right hand of the father, and is coming back again. Confess Jesus to be your lord and savior and you would have just accepted an authentic gift, a gift that cannot be duplicated or packaged; and that is eternal life. It is an opportunity to experience God’s kingdom forever when this life is over. If you do not receive any material gifts for Christmas, know that you’ve had one all along and it’s waiting for you to accept it. God bless you! Seek and you will find The Authentic Gift this season.

Shudiara McMillian


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