Storytelling Blog Tour! (Chapter 11)

(Becoming The Bride of Christ Series)

In a Land, Far, Far away. . . But Closer than Any of Us Realize. . . the Following Story Continued. . .


Maria turned in her sleep. One eye peaked open, letting in a bright ray of sunlight! Batting both eyes now, Maria flopped on her back and tried to look out her open window.


“Oh, uh. . . yes?” She responded, rubbing her eyes and hitching herself up onto a rather overstuffed pillow.

The door opened with the most amazing breakfast smells. . . In walked none other than the Great King Himself, carrying a breakfast tray.

“Thought seeing as you hadn’t surfaced yet, that perhaps you might be hungry when you wake up.” He set the tray down on her bed, then produced a single red rose from a back pouch and laid it beside the toast.

Maria tried to smile through a yawn and apologized. Rubbing her eyes again, she got a better look at what the Great King had prepared. . . herbed scrambled eggs, cinnamon toast, shredded potato and onion cakes, and a tall mug of hot tea. . . Looking up, she realized the Great King was dressed in the whites of a servant this bright morning.

“My Lord!” She cried, “You are not a servant!”

The Great King smiled, “Oh but my daughter, I most definitely AM a servant. He who wishes to be greatest in MY kingdom, must learn to be the servant of all!”

Maria’s eyes turned away and she began to eat.

Later, as she was moving about her new home, she discovered the contents of her bag had been strategically placed around the house, with the lantern near the front door, the scrolls, quill and inkwell in the den, and the wine and water in the kitchen and pantry respectively. The robe she’d worn all her life had been replaced by a new one, and there was a note to change into it and leave the old one on the rail out back. Once changed, and after dutifully depositing the old robe out back, she decided to go for a walk in the garden. Once again, she found her future Father-in-law in a servant’s position, this time tending to a rose bush along a hidden path.

“Why hello, my daughter, we meet again.”

“Hello, Father. Tell me, how much time do you spend in this garden? Do you not spend most of your time managing your Realm from the Great Hall?”

The Great King straightened His back and handed her a rose stem with three roses on top. “Actually, I spend a fair bit of time here. I love working with my hands. Put those in a vase with water before they wilt. They will pretty your dining room table.”

Maria chuckled. “You really do act like a Father to me. Making me breakfast, doing my laundry, organizing my stuff, and now decorating my table.”

The Great King just shrugged, then smiled. “You are my daughter, Maria, chosen to be the Bride of my One and Only Son. You are family to me, and I look after my family.”

This would be something to get used to, Maria mused as she walked back to her new home. She searched around the kitchen to find a vase, put some water in and then the rose clipping, and placed it in the middle of the dining room table.

“You’ll want a doily under that.”

Maria spun around, almost spilling the rose and water out of the vase in her haste.

“Good morning, my love. I see Dad’s been busy around here already.”

 Maria greeted the Crown Prince with a peck on the cheek. “Yes, indeed He has! I shall have to get used to a Dad who actually looks after me!”

The Crown Prince smiled. “Has He spoiled you yet?”

“He brought me breakfast in bed, if that’s what you mean.” Maria answered as she found a doily and placed it under the vase.

Yup, that’s my Dad alright. You can expect more of that in the future too. It’s normal for Him to take personal interest in the welfare of His family.”



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