Laughing At Myself

I came across this little essay I wrote and decided to share it with you all. In order to enjoy this life, we must learn to laugh at ourselves sometimes 🙂




Anticipation clouded my mind like fog on a rainy day; it was going to be time for Abi’s party to come to a climax and I needed to find out if what I thought was true or not. All the girls and all the guys were grouped respectively at Table 1 and Table 2. It made things easier on everyone’s part because the guys could do their immature things and the girls could uselessly gossip beyond anyone’s expectations. I sneaked glances at the other tables, and at Table 10, I saw someone I hadn’t seen in a long while. Of course, I decided to put my thoughts to the test and have them confirmed by the other girls who knew her better.

“Doesn’t that look like Ali?” I asked curiously.

“No, it’s not her!” said all the girls except Sofie.

Poor Sofie probably felt bad for me since I kept asking the same question over and over again and after a while I just seemed to receive no response. “Mingling Time” was here, and I decided to take a gander one last time at this mysterious girl that I swore was Ali. Now Abi just finished giving her speech to the pastor and his wife about having Ali and how she blessed her life. I took this as confirmation that my feelings were correct so I scouted the room for a moment to take this bold act and say hi. I knew without a doubt in my mind that it was her and I felt a strong sense of courage just sweep me into its embrace. I semi-convinced Sofie that it was her but apparently she did not have the same sense of boldness I had to approach the girl. Finally, Ali decided to come over with her friend and talk to some of the people around me. I figured that this was my chance and our unforgettable conversation began.

“Hey Ali, how are you?” I enthusiastically said, accompanying it with the most gigantic hug ever known to man.

Her silence baffles me. I figured that she was simply shy and I tried to break the ice.

“How was Louisiana? I missed you so much!” I said with a lot of emotion.

Now, not only does she continue to stand there silently but she decides to throw in a puzzled look in the mix.

“You look so nice. Girl, you are really rocking that dress!” Again, with tons and t

ons of excitement.

“Huh?” says Ali.

This is the first thing she’s said since the beginning of our conversation. Not only do I deal with more silence after her statement but her friend is giving me that “Awkward” look. Honestly, the veil was finally pulled away from my eyes at that moment.

“Ali…?” I questioned.

“No…Stephanie…” Stephanie said extremely slowly.

If I could drop down at that moment I would have loved to but with my nature I just kept going and tried to play off a situation not worth doing so. For all the time for Sofie to be interested in the conversation, it was at this point. She asked me if that was her and I sadly shook my head in pure embarrassment. I really don’t know if she could have laughed any harder or any louder.

“Oh. I’m so sorry but girl you really look good in that dress!” I turn to her friend too, “You look great too!”

I decided to sit down since I have made a total and complete fool out of myself in front of everyone and I feel it is better to laugh at what happened then to have left the party.


Ever had a moment like that?



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