Squawk with Thanks

SO! Turkey (or tofurkey depending on your tastebuds) Day has come & gone. With ads, blog posts, video announcements, and those delightful relatives you tend to shy away from- we are bombarded with “being thankful for our blessings”. When this time of year rolls around, I tend to think of those (clearly single) people who get pissed off with Valentine’s Day. Their reason behind it? “You shouldn’t have to show your love only one day a year” (Sound familiar?)
You’re probably wondering why I brought that up. Well! If you apply that same philosophy to Thanksgiving, we’d probably be a happier world! Eating ham, green bean casserole, and candied yams are all fabulous but appreciating the fact that you have food is even better. Makes that pot roast taste so much more delicious!


What am I thankful for? Here are 10 things worth being thankful for 🙂

1) My small close knit family & extended family (who said blood = family)

2) Everyone involved in & supportive of Voice4Society

3) Great church family (Need a church home? Let me know!)

4) Education (Schools almost done!)

5) Vision & Purpose. Until you know these things, you’re missing out on a deeper level in life

6) People who have walked out of my life. Thank you! You’ve done more than you know 🙂

7) My professors. Gotta say, they have done an awesome job of helping get to where I need to be (career wise)

8) My stubborn determination. Wouldn’t be here without it!

9) My little nephew. He continues to teach me how to pray from the heart & how to enjoy the present moment.

10) The reason I even exist! Jesus! He is the reason my life is unpredictably amazing.

There ya have it. What about you? What are you squawking with thanks for?


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