Christmas Outreach!

GREAT NEWS GUYS! ♥ We got confirmation from our friends, The Future Society Inc., about their Christmas outreach! The Future Society Inc. is known for their charismatic, loving, and very positive mentoring approach to underprivileged youth in Mount Vernon, N.Y. They are no stranger to the city and have a passion (and an amazing history) for changing this generation.

(Fun Fact: They are one of the reasons that Voice4Society was created! I met with them one Christmas season in City Hall to see if they would be a good organization to partner with. Back then, I was in college and the president of my Criminal Justice club on campus. Their depth of information and positivity inspired me to follow my dreams & start making a difference. Thus, Voice4Society was born !)

We will be collecting books and toys to give to kiddies in day cares in Mount Vernon ♥ We’ve worked with them in the past & they are a bunch of awesome folks! We are going to set a goal of 100 contributions. Whether it is a book or toy, it will be counted as a contribution. So….. for those of you in the NY area – this is a great way to give back for Christmas! Remember – its’ the season of giving ❤ !

Let the games begin !!



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